विकिस्रोत कडून
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हे पान प्रमाणित केलेले आहे.

 Mr. Dattatraya Kamalakar Dikshit has rendered me great assistance in making my stay comfortable in every way. During my stay here for upwards of two months his usefulness became known to me in various ways in assisting poor natives who came here for the benefit of their health. Without his help and his attention, their stay would have been very uncomfortable. Such a native agent is an absolute necessity here. Native gentlemen in well-to-do circumstances, who come here for the benefit of their health in the hot senson, should patronize him in engaging house accommodations through him, which will entitle him to obtain commission from houseowners, instead of using European Agency for this purpose. This kind of patronage will enable him ( Mr. Dixit) to assist the poor natives in various ways. I will use him as my Agent to secure house accommodation for me hereafter and I recommend that every one who is of my opinion should do so and thus give the poor natives the benefit of his assistance on their arrival here at cheap remuneration.


Pleader, Nagpur.

31st May, 1893.


 I have known Mr. Dattatraya Kamalakar Dixit since the year 1888. That year and last year and this year, when I was here I availed myself of his services very freely. I have always found him willing and prompt to do what is in his power for those who require his assistance. He has set up an agency office since 1887 and has