विकिस्रोत कडून
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हे पान प्रमाणित केलेले आहे.

  I came to this place to spend a few days of the Holy-Easter Holidays, with family and children, and put up in the house of Dattatraya Kamalakar Dikshit. He kept excellent arrangement for the care of my family during my stay here. He is a very good gentleman of obliging character, a man of learning and intelligence. He has been studying the medical plants here. It would be of great use if he publishes the names of the plants and their uses. He has built two or three houses on the hill, which have been well provided for and furnished. There are wells and privies to both the houses. Any visitor coming to this place will I am sure, be pleased with the kind and cordial treatment from Mr. Dattatraya Dikshit.
27th March, 1891.


Subte-Judge, F. C., Satara.


 I have great pleasure in stating that Mr. Dattopant Dixit has been of great use to me during my short stay at this place. He carefully looked after my comforts. He really deserves some encouragement from Native visitors of this place.
3rd June. 1891.

K. B, BULEL, M. D.


 We have had occasion to avail on ourselves of the services of Mr. Dikshit and were very much pleased with them. He is likely to be of great use to gentlemen visiting Mahableshwar.


Sessions, Judge,

Mahableshwar, 29-5-90.

Sholapur and Bijapur