विकिस्रोत कडून
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हे पान प्रमाणित केलेले आहे.

 I am very glad to certify that Mr. Dattatraya Kamalakar Dikshit who has lately commenced the business of house agent at Mahableshwar is very obliging and not only supplies houses and Bungalows but furnishes every thing that visitors to this station are in need of. He is honest, and straightforward in his dealings. He is very useful agent as well as an amiable friend.


Pensioner, Late Khasgi Karbhari,


29th May, 1882.


 I have made acquaintance here of Mr. Datttraya Dikshit, who has set up in business as an Agent for native gentlemen visiting the hill and from his extensive local knowledge, there is no doubt that he is in a position to afford material aid to such. Mr. Dikshit is also an enthusiast in regard to the medical plants of the country and is doing his utmost to discover their properties. In a vast country like this, there must be number of plants possessed of healing virtues, and every effort to add to the Indian pharmacopoeia is deserving of encouragement. I hope therefore that men, who are competent in such matters, will give a helping hand to Mr. Dikshit in his praiseworthy efforts to benefit suffering humanity.


T-1 Col., Staff Corps.

Mahableshwar, 16th March, 1891.