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या पानाचे मुद्रितशोधन झालेले आहे

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अमतकुंड, s. lemonade.

अमृत्यु, a. immortal.

अमोघ, a. irrevocable, unalterable, sure.

अंबर, s. clothing.

अंबा, s. a mother.

अंमळ्, a. a little, some.

अंमळस, a. to a small degree.

अम्लत्व, s. acidity.

अयत्न, ad. easily, without effort.

अयथार्थ, a. unrighteous, not real.

अयन, s. the tropic, a place or situation.

अयमपी, conj. moreover, likewise.

अयश, s. dishonour, a blot, a. dishonourable, unlucky.

अयशस्कर, a. dishonouring, reputatiou-blasting.

अयाचक्, s. one who has no request to make.

अयाचीत्, a. unasked, unsought.

अयाथार्थ्य, s. unrighteousness.

अयुक्त, a. incompatible, not agreeing with.