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या पानाचे मुद्रितशोधन झालेले आहे

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अयोग्य, a. incapable, unfit, unqualified for.

अयोग्यता, s. incapacity, unfitness.

अरड्ण, v. to cry out with distress,

अरण्य, s. a wilderness.

अराजक, a. without a king, without police.

अरिष्ट, s. danger, ruin, destruction.

अरुची, s. nausea, disgust, want of appetite, loathing.

अरुण, s, the dawn, the charioteer of the sun.

अरुणोदय, s. break of day.

अरे. a vocative particle expressive of contempt.

अर्गळ, s. a bar.

अर्घ्य, s. a pot used for certain religious purposes.

अर्चक, a. worshipping, s. a worshipper.

अर्चन, v. to worship, to adore.

अर्चना, s. worship

अर्जक, a. procuring, hoarding, s. a planter, one who acquires any thing.

अर्जन, v. to plant, to acquire.

अर्जी, s. a petition, a request.