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या पानाचे मुद्रितशोधन झालेले आहे

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अमनोरम्म, a. not captivating, not giving pleasure to the mind.

अमर, a. immortal.

अमराई, s. a grove of mango trees.

अमरावती, a. abounding in immortals, s. heaven.

अमरूद, s. a sort of fruit.

अमर्य्यादा, s. an indignity, a dishonour, a slight, an affront.

अमाननीय, a. not to be regarded.

अमान्य, a. not deserving regard.

अमावश्या, s. the change of the moon.

अमायीक्, a. without attachment, careless.

अमीन्, s. an official person, an investigator, an inspector.

अमीनी, s. the office of an inspector.

अमुक्, s. such an one, a certain person.

अमूर्ती, a. unembodied, incorporeal.

अमूलक, a. without foundation, unfounded, fictitious, unauthentic.

अमत, s. the water of life, nectar.