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या पानाचे मुद्रितशोधन झालेले आहे

[ 15 ]


अनश्वर, a. indestructible, inviolable.

अनसुट, a. not offered to the gods.

अनहीत, a. unbeneficial, useless, unprofitable.

अनाचार, s. improor conduct, irreligion, uncleannem.

अनाचारी, a. irreligious, impure.

अनाथ, a. (orphan)

अनादर, s. disrespect, inattention.

अनादी, a. without beginning.

अनामीका, s. the finger next to the little finger :

अनायास, a. without labour, easy, agreeable.

अनायासाने, ad. easily, without difficulty.

अनावश्यक, a. unnecessary, useless.

अनास्वाद, a. insipid, tasteless.

अनाश्य, a. indestructible, inviolable, imperishable.

अनाश्रय, s. the want of an asylum or refuge, a. forlorn.

अनाश्रयी, a. destitute of an asylum or refuge.

अनाहार, a. fasting.

अनाहारी, a. fasting, abstaining.

अनीच्छा, s. disrelish, reluctance.

अनीत्य, a. not eternal, frail, temporary, transitory.