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या पानाचे मुद्रितशोधन झालेले आहे

[ 14 ]


अधोगमन, s. a descending.

अधोवदन, a. of downcast countenance, down-cast.

अधोमुख, a. of a drooping countenance, down-cast, drooping.

अध्ययन, s. a reading, a teaching to read, an instructing.

अध्यक्ष, s. a chief, a grandee.

अध्यक्षता, s. superiority, supremacy.

अध्यापक, s. a teacher, a tutor, an instructor.

अध्यापकता, s. preceptorship.

अध्याय, s. a section, a chapter, a lecture.

अध्याहात, s. a word to be supplied, a clause.

अनधीकारी, a. not having a right to, without a title to.

अनंत, a. endless, eternal, infinite.

अनंतर, con. afterwards.

अनर्थ, s. distress.

अनर्थक, a. useless, to no purpose.

अनन्न, a. fasting, without food.

अनपेक्ष, a. without expectation, indifferent.

अनपेक्षीत, a. unexpected, unthought of.

अनवलोभन, s. a ceremony to be performed in the 3d month of pregnancy, now usually defered till the 5th or 6th.