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या पानाचे मुद्रितशोधन झालेले आहे

[ 16 ]


अनित्यता, s. temporariness, transitoriness.

अनिंदनीय, a. not to be despised, tolerable, passable.

अनिपुण, a. not eminent, uninformed, aukward.

अंगुरीय, s. a ring.

अंगुली, s. a finger, a toe.

अनिवार्य, a. not to be stopped, obstinate, irrea.

अनिमेषाने, ad. vigilantly, narrowly, closely.

अनियम, a. undetermined, irregular.

अनिमेष, a. vigilant.

अनियमीत, a. not determined, irregular.

अनिरूपण, a. unsettled.

अनिरुपीत, a. undefined, undetermined.

अनिर्गम, a. inextricable, inaccessible.

अनिर्णय, a. unsettled, unascertained.

अनिर्धार्य, a. undetermined, unsettled, undefined, unresolved.

अनिर्धारित, a. unsettled, unresolved on.

अनिर्वचनीय, a. unutterable, unspeakable.

अनिर्वाद, a. not accomplishable. s. distress.

अनिर्वीण्ण, a. straightened, destitute.

अनिर्वीण्णता, s. a straight, a difficulty, distress.