विकिस्रोत कडून
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हे पान प्रमाणित केलेले आहे.
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supplies a long-felt want and is a very useful guide to visitors to Mahableshwar. The information embodied therein is as varied as it is accurate and the descriptions of the charming scenes for which the Sanitarium is noted possess considerable literary merit. The Historical and Mythological accounts of the place and a short description of its flora, have added largely to the usefulness of the book.



10th October, 1902.

B. A., Pensioned Head Master.]

 I read Mr. Dixit’s account of Mahableshwar with some care. The variety and copiousness of the matter unquestionably shows that the author has been at great pains to collect his materials. Visitors to the hills are sure to find the compilation very useful inasmuch as a glance at the Index will enable them readily to decide how to make the most of the limited time and means at their disposal. As, in addition to this, abundant information is given relating to weather,