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या पानाचे मुद्रितशोधन झालेले आहे

"***a woman of sense.”—Doulat Rao Scindia.

"** The most remarkable woman of the day.”—Dr. Hope.

“She was a woman of high spirit and respectable conduct.”—Mill.

"* * * * A woman of great activity and enterprise. * A Woman of very great Indian celebrity.”—Mrs. Duberly.

"****a clever and spirited woman.”—Major Sutherland.

“* This lady was not less famous, in her way, than the Begum Sumroo, the Nagpore Ranee, the late Ranee of Jhansi, the Ranee Chanda of Lahore, and the Begum of Bhopal, and she has on more than one occasion been known to lead, in person, a charge of Mahratta horse against the enemies of her country.”—The Bombay Gazette.