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Beginner's guide to deletion
How and why pages are deleted.

There are two main pages for deletion of works and other pages on Wikisource. This page provides an overview of both.

If a work should be deleted due to a suspected copyright violation, then possible copyright violations should be used. For everything else, use proposed deletions.

Copyright violation[संपादन]

If you find a work on Wikisource that you believe is in violation of United States copyright law:

  1. Add the template {{copyvio}} to the page (just below the header). This will blank the work below that point.
  2. Go to Wikisource:Copyright discussions.
  3. Click "Add topic"
  4. If possible, use a wikilink to the work as the subject line
  5. In the body, explain why you think the work is a copyright violation. Sign this with four tildes: ~~~~
  6. Save the page.

Following this, other users may add comments which will usually wither support or oppose deletion. This is not a vote. Each user should also give their reasons. Eventually an administrator will close the discussion and either delete the work or keep it based on the reasons given.

The beginner's guide to copyright, and related pages, may help in determining whether or not a copyright violation has taken place.

General deletion[संपादन]

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