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या पानाचे मुद्रितशोधन झालेले आहे

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अन्यमन, a. otherwise minded.

अन्याय, s. injustice.

अन्यायी, a unjust, acting unjustly.

अन्यय, s. impropriety, injustice.

अन्वय, s. connection with, agreement (as that of words in a sentence.)

अन्वष्टक, s. the ninth day of the moon's decrease in the month of Ushwinu.

अन्वेषण, s. a search, the searching for any thing,

अपकार s. a hindrance, detriment.

अपकारक, a. hindering, obstructing, injuring,

अपकारी, a. obstructing, hindering.

अपक्व, a. unripe, superficial, raw.

अपकर्म, s. vice, improper conduct, an illicit action.

अपकृष्ट, a. bad, paltry.

अपंग, a. maimed, deformed.

अपघात, s. a misfortune, a bad catastrophe.

अपघाती, u, occasioning misfortune.