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हे पान प्रमाणित केलेले आहे.
मराठी रंगभूमि.

 (1) Production of third-rate Literature. ( 2 ) Over-anxiety on the part of stage authorities to satisfy the mob. (3) Want of general education in the actors themselves.  We have to emphasize the second point a little bit more. The stage is a great school when the people's ideas can be moulded into any shape. It can make the mob move with them. This power of dominating is full well recognised in Europe and at times social dramas have entirely revolutionised the then current ideas. Historical plays have exposed the national scandals; and have at times averted political murders. It is a great pity that the Indian stage should let slip such a ruling power from their hands and should stoop down to satisfy the vulgar tastes of the mob and so long as the ideal of the stage people is the satisfaction of the mob and acquisition of money we can safely assert that there is absolutely no hope for the Indian stage.

 In conclusion, we would remark that the stage people should unitedly give the mob a general liti, and not sink to their level. We would also advise them to back to the classical authors if there were none to take up their place because in them we have a sure and everlasting support and finally we would request them to join the stage not because it is a necessity to them but as a matter of choice and personal predilection. Acting as an art should be studied and not to be blindly followed as routine methods; and unless we start with these ideas we are bound to hopelessly fail in the near future. Of course the mob will support them but then the stage will be one scene of action for third rate literary adventurers and mercenary vagabonds. We strongly hope the present article would rouse tho educated public to their sense of duty. “Longing for such a happy day."