विकिस्रोत कडून
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या पानाचे मुद्रितशोधन झालेले नाही

भाषेचे उद्गमस्थान. 348 sion. No doubt, it must have required a considerable effort for a 1nan bronght up in the belief that Greek and Latin were either aboriginal languages, or modifications of Hebrew, to bring himself to acquiesee in the revolutionary doctrine that the classical languages were intimately related to a jargon of mere savages; for such all the subjects of rhe Great Mogal were then supposed to be. However, if the facts about Sansksit were true, Dugald Stewart was too wise not to see that the conclusions drawn from them were inevitable. He therefore denied the reality of such a language as Sanskrit altogether, and wrote his famous essay to prové that Sanskrit had been put together after the model of Greek and Latin, by those arch-forgers and liars the Brahmans, and that the whole of Sanskrit. literature was an imposition. I mention this fact because it shows, better than any thing else, how violent a shock was given by the discovery of Sanskrit, to prajudices most deeply engrained in the mind of every educated man. The most absurd arguments found favour for a time, if they could only furnish a loophole by which to escape from the unpleasant conclusion that Greek and Latin were of the same kith and kin as the language of the black inhabitants of India. " ( Lectures on the Science of Language. vol. I. P. P. I88-189 ). सदरहू अवतरणांतील इतालिक वर्ण आमचे आहेत. (ग्रंथकर्ता.) ह्यावरून, कित्येक पाश्चात्यांचे अन्तःस्वरूप कसे असते, कित्येक पाश्चात्यां- हे कोणाच्याही लक्षांत सहज येण्याच्या ख-या स्वरूपाचा सारखे आहे. खरोखर, अशा प्रकाAIHEIT. रचा सौजन्याभाव, ह्या त-हेची चित्ताची