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या पानाचे मुद्रितशोधन झालेले आहे

जाईल." परंतु कर्नल सदरलंड ह्यांच्या अनुमानाप्रमाणें ब्रिटिश सरकारच्या तटस्थपणाचा परिणाम ग्वाल्हेर संस्थानास हितावह न होतां, उलट अनर्थावह मात्र झाला, असें मिल्ल प्रभृति इतिहासकारांचें मत आहे. अस्तु.
 ग्वाल्हेरचे रेसिडेंट मेजर स्टुअर्ट ह्यांनीं ग्वाल्हेर येथील दरबारची स्थिति व बायजाबाईसाहेबांचा राज्यकारभार ह्यासंबंधीची माहिती सरकारास वेळोवेळीं कळविलीच होती. त्यांना बायजाबाईंच्या राज्यव्यवस्थेंत बिलकुल उणीव वाटली नाहीं, व हिंदुस्थान सरकारासही त्यामध्यें

 1. "From the period up to the present there has been little at Gwalior calling for the interference or notice of the British Government in the affairs of that principality. The Baeza Baee continues her administration without requiring our support, and the young Raja, if he has any adherents in the state, has so far failed to make any impression on her power. It may be supposed that as he advances in years and appoaches his man-hood, he must, if he has the ordinary ambition, and the proper feelings of a man, desire to exercise a portion of that power which sooner or later must be his own; that those of the chiefs of the state who are likely to worship the rising sun, as well as those who would prefer the Government of a man to that of a woman, will, at no very distant period, array themselves on his side ; and that the Government of the Regent will fall before their united force. The command of treasury and the resources of the state must, for a time give a preponderance to her party, and may enable her to prolong the struggle. In such a contest it will be very possible for the British Government to stand aloof and the more we allow the parties to have a fair-field and no favor, the more shall we secure a national and efficient Government for that country, and the less will it hereafter be necessary for us to interfere in its affairs."