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 |description = 
 |filename    = 
 |time        =
 |filesize    = 
 |length      = 
 |category    = 

This template inserts a .ogg video into a work as a right-justified thumbnail. The template should be placed immediately after the {{header}} template and before the text of the associated work. If this is not possible, it may be placed in the most appropriate section of the text. This template should not be placed within the header template.


  • description: Description of the file.
  • filename: File name on Wikimedia Commons.
  • filesize: Size of the file. (Optional)
  • length: Length of the video. (Optional)
  • category: Yes to categorise in Category:Works with videos, no or blank to not categorise at all.


 |description = Richard Nixon's Phone Call to the Moon
 |filename    = President Nixon telephones the Apollo 11 crew on the Moon.ogv
 |filesize    = 4.28MB
 |length      = 1m11s
 |category    = no
Richard Nixon's Phone Call to the Moon
(4.28MB, 1m11s, help, file info or download)

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