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Template linking templates

Link Style Linked Unlinked Linked with subst: Linked including braces Linked with alternative text
Text Style {{tlg}} option -- nolink=yes subst=yes braceinside=yes alttext=FOO
Normal -- {{tl}}, {{tlp}}; {{tlg}} {{tlf}} {{tls}}, {{tlsp}} {{tn}} {{tla}}
Bold bold=yes {{tlb}}
Teletype tt=yes {{tlx}} {{tld}} {{tlxs}}
Bold Teletype bold=yes|tt=yes {{tlxb}}
Italic Teletype italic=yes|tt=yes {{tlxi}}
Code code=yes {{tlc}}
NOTE: {{tlg}} is the most general, allowing any combination of the above options.
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A reference table in template form for easier importation into multiple template documentation sub-pages.