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  • It is suitable for when both halves of the word are on the same page. Using it can simplify proofreading in edit mode, as it allows the content of each line of text to match the corresponding line of the page image.
  • The template preserves a break in a word that is not recognised as significant, it is a constraint of the original page format. The usual practice is to remove the hyphen from the transcript, any benefit of the template remains questionable, it requires a substantial amount of effort and code, and it has not been widely implemented.


  • Use of this template should be regarded as optional

This template splits a word when viewed in the "Page" namespace, but joins it when viewed from the main namespace. The two word halves are expected in param 1 & 3. param slot 2 is discarded, as it is intended to be used to insert a blank line.



For an example in use, see the view/edit mode of Page:Wind in the Willows (1913).djvu/110 and the main namespace result in The Wind in the Willows (1913)/Chapter_4.

For cases where the word is split across the page boundary, use {{Hyphenated word start}} and {{Hyphenated word end}}.

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