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This template is a copy of {{reply to}}, also known as {{ping}}, but with a much smaller footprint. Like {{reply to}}, it takes advantage of the new सदस्य mention notification to ping the सदस्य(s) you are replying to in a discussion (so you don't have to use the {{talkback}} template). It works on any talk page or Wikipedia namespace page.

This template is particularly helpful in discussions that are not threaded, to indicate which सदस्य's comment is referenced. If you feel that this template unnecessarily personalizes the discussion, you may still use the {{talkback}} template on the सदस्य's talk page to indicate that you have replied to a comment.

Note that it isn't necessary to use this template to ping (indicate) the सदस्य if you are already linking to their सदस्यname from your post.

एक संदेश प्राप्तकर्ता[संपादन]

To use it, just add something like the following to an existing discussion:

{{साद|सदस्य1}} संदेश मजकुर. ~~~~


{{साद|सदस्य1}}) संदेश मजकुर. ~~~~

For example, ":{{साद|अभय नातू}} संदेश मजकुर." displays as:

अभय नातू: संदेश मजकुर.

The comment must be signed and belong to a section in order for the notification to work.

अनेक संदेशप्राप्त कर्ते[संपादन]

You can reply to up to 5 people at once:

{{साद|सदस्य १|सदस्य २|सदस्य ३}} संदेश मजकुर. ~~~~

Related templates[संपादन]

  • {{Reply to}}/{{ping}} – The template upon which this template is based (the full size version).
  • {{सदस्य link}} – Links to a single सदस्य's page (without the @ sign and colon).
  • {{noping}} – Links a सदस्य's name without triggering the echo notification system.
  • {{pinggroup}}