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Help pages
The help pages provide documentation, instructions, and information related to Wikisource, divided into the sections below. If you are new to wiki projects, the sheer amount of information may be daunting. Help:Introduction introduces users to Wikisource, and explains how to explore, edit, use features, and add new texts.

Wikisource is a growing collection of primary-source English texts in any language, as well as translations of source texts. All texts appearing in this, the English Wikisource, must be in the English language. If they are in another language, they can be added to one of our other Wikisource projects. Most of the texts on Wikisource are in the public domain and not protected by any copyright or license. However, some are copyrighted and available under license compatible with Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike. All images, PDFs and other files should be uploaded to Wiki commons.


विकिस्रोत:Index/table |- | Administrators'
| Report vandalism, ask for help with logins, etc. |- | Introduction | Explains what Wikisource is, and briefly introduces the basic tools available to editors. |- | Reading | Introduces various methods of navigating to works and authors. |- | Searching | Help with searching Wikisource with internal and external tools. |- | Namespaces | Overview of the namespaces used at Wikisource. |- | Editing Wikisource | Introduces formatting code (see m:Help:Editing for advanced help). |- | Proofread | Introduction to scan-based transcriptions, and help with using the side-by-side image/text view for proofreading. |- | Help:Proofreading example | Example of the proofreading of a page, to explain the process and steps involved. |- | Adding texts | Introduces the formatting and inclusion guidelines and conventions. |- | Adding images | Explains the image upload process (to Wikimedia Commons) and describes how to include images on pages. |- | DjVu files | How to include on these on pages. Also explains when to turn PDF documents into DjVus. |- | Categorization | Helps the user select which categories a work belongs in. |- | Interlanguage links | Helps the user link a work to other languages. |- | Patrolling | Help maintain the integrity of our works |- | Page Status | How the proofreading status of a page is marked. |- | Header preloading
script gadget
| Help adding headers to subpages. |- | Portals | [proposal] Help creating portals. |- | Disambiguation and versions | Help for different disambiguating works and separating multiple versions of the same work. |}

Miscellaneous questions[संपादन]

विकिस्रोत:Index/table |- |What is Wikisource? |Essay on scope and history of site. |- |Tools and scripts |Are there user tools and scripts? |}

Advanced help[संपादन]


विकिस्रोत:Index/table |- | Audio | Recording and listening to audio files. |- | Digitising | Converting non-digital works to digital text. |- | DjVu files | Creating, using, and uploading DjVu files. |- | Wikisource:ProofreadPage extension admin | is the multi-domain page concerning this extension. It is used for announcements and help to admins. The discussion page is used to post bug reports, request features, etc. |}


विकिस्रोत:Index/table |- | Adminship | Documentation related to administrator access. |- | Copyright tags | Provides a list of license tags in order of preference. |- | Official texts | Provides a list of license tags usable for official texts. |- | Footnotes and endnotes | [proposal] Provides technical help related to footnotes. |- | Annotations | [proposal] User-generated content and other forms of self-publication. |- | Meta help pages | Provides very comprehensive technical and practical documentation. This is the official documentation used by the Wikimedia Foundation. |- | Page breaks | Provides ways to solve common problems caused by page breaks in transcluded works. |- |Poetry | Provides guidelines for format of poems. |- | Public domain | Explains applicable public domain criteria. |- | Mathematics and Wikisource: fractions and functions | Provides instructions and examples for formatting mathematical functions and other difficult characters. |- | Match and Split | Use a bot to match text in a work in main namespace to pages in the Page: namespace. |- |Templates | Provides examples of the most commonly used formatting, navigation and typography templates. |- | URL2Commons | Explains how to use the URL2Commons tool to make an automated upload to Wikimedia Commons from a file elsewhere on the internet. |- |Portal classification | Provides guidelines for the classification of portals in the Portal: namespace. |- | Category:Formatting templates | Templates for all sorts of formatting. |- | Category:Typography templates | Typography specific templates. |}

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