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या पानाचे मुद्रितशोधन झालेले आहे

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आगळ, s. the bar of a door, a. preferable.

आगोधर, ad. before.

अगोधरील, a. belonging to former time, prior.

आगोधरील्ल, a. prior.

आग्नेय, a. digestive, provocative, poignant.

आग्य, s. fire, heat.

आग्रह, s. intreaty, intreaty to eat or to use any enjoyment; hypocritical intreaty, obstinacy.

आघात, s. a blow, a stroke, a plague; a hurt.

आघ्राण, s. scent, smell.

अघ्रा, s. intreaty to eat, officious intreaty.

आंक, s. a figure, a numerical sign.

आंकण, c. to guess at the price of any thing, to sketch a likeness.

आंकडा, s. a hook, a spasm.

आंकडी, s. a spasm.

आंग, s. a body, a member.

आंगड, s. a sort of jacket.