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या पानाचे मुद्रितशोधन झालेले आहे

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अहंकृत, a. proud, self-conceited.

अहंभाव, s. egotism.

अहर्निश, ad. day and night.

अहिर, s. the name of a particular cast of herdsmen.

अहेर, s. a thing given on some remarkable occasion.

अहो, a. a vocative particle indicating respect.

अळगणी, s. a line to hang clothes on.

अळी, s. a worm (the larva of an insect which feeds on rice).

अः, inter. Ah! Oh!

आई, s. a mother.

आक्रमण, s. an incroachment, a seizing.

आक्रोश, s. malice, dissatisfaction.

आकर्षण. s. a pulling, a seizing.

आकर्षित, a. seized, drawn.

आका, s. a kiln, a furnace, an elder sister.

आकांक्षा, s. desire, a wish.

आकांक्षित, a. desired, wished forr.