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या पानाचे मुद्रितशोधन झालेले आहे

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असावधान, a. inattentive, careless.

असावधानता, s. inattention, thoughtlessness.

असाक्षात्, a. absent.

असीद्ध, a. unaccomplished, not effected.

असुध, ad. uncomfortably. -s. trouble, uneasiness.

असुधजनक, a. distressing.

असुद्ध, a. troublesome, vexing.

असुद्धायक, a. troublesome, perplexing, distressing.

असूर, s. an infernal being.

असुस्थ, a. sick, unhealthy, unhappy.

असुया, s. malice, malignity, detraction.

असो, ad. so be it.

असौष्टव, s. sadness, joylessness, dissappointment.

असौष्टवान्मीत a. sad, dissappointed.

अस्क, a. all.

अस्त, a. set, descended (as any of the heavenly bodies), out of sight.