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या पानाचे मुद्रितशोधन झालेले आहे

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अशक्त, a. weak, infirm.

अशक्य, a. impracticable.

अशड्ढाळ, a. obstinate, rebellious, disobedient.

अशास्त्र, a. unlawful.

अशास्त्रीक. a. unlawful.

अशास्त्रीय, a. unlawful, unwarranted.

अशिक्षित, a. untaught, uninstructed.

अशीयास्, ad. on this account, wherefore.

अशिष्ट, a. undisciplined, saucy, pertinacious, insolent.

अशिष्टता, s. insolence, sauciness.

अशी, ad. fem. thus, so.

अशुद्ध, a. unclean, wrong, inaccurate.

अशुभ, a. unlucky, unfortunate, unfavourable, unpleasant.

अशेष, a. endless, infinite, continual.

अशेषरुपी, ad. compleatly, continually.

अश्मरी, s. a stone, or gravel, in the bladder.

अश्रद्धा, s. a nonplussing, a sneer.

अश्रद्धेय, a. not to be believed, not to be approved, odious.