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या पानाचे मुद्रितशोधन झालेले आहे

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अवगुण, s. a pernicious quality.

अवगंठण्, s. a veiling, the covering of the face.

अवगोचन, a. perceptible.

अव्घ, a. all.

अवचट्, ad. suddenly.

अवच्छोन्न, a. affected by.

अनच्छेेदक, s. that which affects any thing.

अवच्छेदाने, ad. through and through.

अवद्ना(ज्ञा), s. disregard, contempt.

अवतार, s. an incarnation.

अवतारान्तर, s. transformation.

अवतीर्ण, ad. incarnate, incarnated.

अवधान, s. attention, regard.

अवधारीत, a. determined, fixed, on, emphatic.

अवधार्य, ad. proper to be determined, determinable.

अवध्य, ad. not proper to be killed, not deserving execution.

अवधी, s. a border, a week. ad. from.

अवयव, s. a member, a limb.