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या पानाचे मुद्रितशोधन झालेले आहे

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अभीघार, s. the putting of clarified butter upon rice or other food.

अभीचार, s. a ceremony religious or magical, to procure the death of an enemy.

अभीज्ञ, a. wise, prudent.

अभिजीत, s. the space of time occupied by the last quacter of the twenty-second lunar mansion and the fifteenth part of the twenty-third, amounting to nineteen dundas, or Hindoo hours. Also the space of forty-eighit minutes English, viz. the twenty four immediately preceding mid-day and the twenty-four immediately following it.

अभीधन, s. a dictionary, a vocabulary.

अभिनिवेश, s. devotedness to.

अभिप्राय, s. design, intention, scope, end of any action.

अभिवादन, s. a bow, reverence, a salutation.

अभिमत, a. chosen, approved.

अभिमंत्रण, v. to consecrate a medicive by a religious formale.