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या पानाचे मुद्रितशोधन झालेले आहे

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अनुरक्त, a. attached to, pleased with

अनरंकन, s. attachment to, approbation.

अनुराग, s. attachment, pleasure.

अनुरागी, a. taking pleasure in any person or thing.

अनुरोध, s. a recommendation, a testimonial.

अनुराधा, s. the name of the seventeenth lunar mansion.

अनुवाद, s. an expostulation, an apology.

अनुलोम, a. right, with the grain, with the hair.

अनुलोमविलोम, ad. backwards and forwards, with and against the grain.

अनुशीलन, s. devotedness to any thing, endeavour, study.

अनुशोचक, a. penitent, anxious, solicitous, sad, s. a penitent.

अनुशोचन, s. repentance, contrition, remorse.

अनुशोचना, s. after distress, repentance, remorse.

अनुशोचीत, a. penitent, distressed on account of something past.

अनुशोची, a. penitent, contrite.

अनुस्थान, s. constant employment.

अनुसंधान, s. investigation, search, guess.