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या पानाचे मुद्रितशोधन झालेले आहे

[ 18 ]


अनुगमन, s. a following. The ceremony of a woman's burning herself some time after her husband's death.

अनुगामी, s. a follower. a. following, imitating.

अनुग्रह s. favour, grace, indulgence, kindness,

अनुग्राहम, a. shewing favour, exercising grace,

अनुचर, s. a servant, an attendant, a follower,

अनुचारी, a. attending, serving, ministering to.

अनुचोत, a, improper, unfit.

अनुज, a. born afterwards, s. a younger brother,

अनुज्ञा, s. a command, an order,

अनुत्तर, a. unanswerable.

अनुताप, s. repentance, distress in consequence of something done, remorse,

अनुतापी, a. penitent.

अनुत्दित, a. not risen,

अनुदिन, ad. daily.

अनुद्वीन, a. not perplexed, unanxious.

अनुबावन, s. a reflecting on, a considering,