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या पानाचे मुद्रितशोधन झालेले आहे

[ 12 ]


अदुष्ट, a. inoffensive, harmless,

अदृट, a. uncertain, hot confirmed, not firm.

अदृश्य, a. invisible.

अदृष्ट, s. fate, fortune, luck, a. unseen.

अदृटवत a. fortunate, unfortunate, under the dominion of fate.

अदेख, a, so disliked that the sight thereof cannot be endured,

अदेखई, s. aversion, dislike,

अद्य, ad. to-day.

अद्याप, ad. till now.

अद्राव्य, a. incapable of being dissolved, insoluble.

अद्वितीय, a. single, only, unrivalled.

अधम, a. vile, base.

अधमता, s. vileness, baseness.

अधर्म, s. irreligion, impiety.

अधर्मात्मा, a. irreligious, impious, ungodly.

अधर्मी, a. irreligious, impious, ungodly.

अधवट्, a. made of halves. ad. by halves.

अधीक, a. more, extra.

अधीमरण, s, a comprehending, a containing, a possessing, the locative case in grammar.