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या पानाचे मुद्रितशोधन झालेले आहे

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अचीरस्थायीता, s. temporariness.

अचीरात्, ad. forthwith.

अचूक, a. infallible, without error.

अचेतन, a insensible.

अचैतन्य, a. destitute of sensation.

अज्ञात. a. unknown.

अज्ञान, a. ignorant.

अज्ञानीता, s. ignorance.

अजय. a. invincible.

अजीर्ण, a. undecayed, a. undigested.

अजेय, a. invincible, unconquerable,

अजुरदार,s.a job man.

अझुणी, ad. now, until now, yet.

अट्कण्, s, a hindrance, an obstruction.

अट्कण, r. to obstruct, to hinder.

अट्कळ, s.a guess, a conjecture.

अट्कळण, o. to guess, to conjecture.

अट्पट्, ad. mixedly, confusedly.

अटल, 4. invariable, unalterable, peremptory, stedfast, im-