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या पानाचे मुद्रितशोधन झालेले नाही

ICE · FAINIQUE “ The name of Ramas borne by several kings, of Egypt is certainly the Sanskrit Ráma, a genuine Hindu appelation; but these kings must not be confounded with the three celebrated Ramas of the Hindus, any more than our own Henries with the Henries of France; nor must Menes be identified with the snpposed author of the Institutes, but is a distinct personage, though bearing the same name, and of the same race as the Hindus thenselves. My own opinion is that the Egyptians were originally Non-Vedic Aryans and Schismatics. Their Schism from the established religious system of the latter took place long prior to the succession of Buddha from the same. ” (J. R. A. Society. vol. XVI. 1854. ) सदरहू अवतरणांतील इतालिक वर्ण आमचे आहेत. ( ग्रंथकर्ता ) >> 5 .rige .