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या पानाचे मुद्रितशोधन झालेले नाही


of knocks. Even today as a theoretical issue it is considered irrational and undesirable or a paternalistic view of the situation. It is therefore commonly seen that even if there is a delay in settlement, workers or their unions are not unhappy because more delay in settlement means more subsequent payment out of retrospective effect given to it. Deferred payment is convenient to workers, employers and the union leaders also. Unions generally collect a percentage of this difference as their cut from the payment of arrears to workers. All such decisions make sense. As an ideal or academic sense it is not logical. I was also opposed to this idea of large amount of arrears. But gradually I learnt to accept it. I became aware of the mistake that one commits by looking at problems in an academic way and find solutions in a logical manner is not necessarily the best way of behaviour. Normal monthly advance to workers and the extra amount of Advance at the time of Ganapati and Holi fell in logical frame in my mind when looked at, in that social framework. The influence of the society that I live in and its connection with my managerial decisions became more and more clear and affected my behaviour and decisions. Apparent illogical or wrong practices fell in proper framework when seen in this social context. I could see interrelations and internal logic and validity. Edward De Bono and his book "Beyond Yes or No: PO"; played a key role in my managerial development. In categorising into 'Yes' and 'No' and in defining 'included' and 'excluded the boundaries of thinking are very clear. Categorising is useful in thinking out a problem, it makes thinking clear, one's mistakes also become clear, but the events happening in the world are not so easy to categorise. The logical solution to a problem will be identical provided the mental framework is same. Each person has different reference points, frames of mind and Contexts. Each one's Darsan therefore is different. It is therefore necessary to keep in mind the possibility of different Darsanas. Different Darsanas of the same reality connected me to the concept of Six or more Darsanas as a philosophical base in India. It planted a basic disbelief in insistence on single Darsana. Importance of Anekantvad became very logical. It became easy for me to move from Bono to Vinoba. This was a journey of unlearning in my life. Education fixes so many sturdy frames in our mind. The frames become so rigid that one fails to see the possibilities beyond those frames. The idea that those Frames have as much right to exist as my own frames makes the acceptance of different ideas or approaches easy. Our Educational system is such that this movement away from classification between right and wrong and therefore learning to unlearning becomes a long and difficult journey. While reading Vinoba I had come across his statement that he 75