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या पानाचे मुद्रितशोधन झालेले नाही


The local manager and his value system determine the implementation of the company policies. Whether it is American or Indian style of management ultimately the policies of the company get translated into action by some individuals. Their values get reflected in the results. The famous Indian philosophical simile states that the infinite Space is defined and gets shaped by the vessels in which it is contained. Adhyay 17 How one becomes a stranger in one's own home and country was experienced by me several times during my Managerial career. At the beginning I learnt some new Truths. I started working in the Jogeshwari factory of Unichem in April 1964. After that famous Meher Award relating to Bonus came. There used to be great discussions about this award in the Human Resources Development fraternity. The slogan of the unions for Bonus was 'Twelve months Work and Thirteen Months wages'. Justice Meher Commission accepted that and declared 8.33 per cent as a compulsory Minimum Bonus for all. The Payment of Bonus Act based on this Award was passed in 1965. Here there is an interesting aspect. India had switched to Decimal coinage from 1 April 1957. Minimum Bonus rate was not fixed at 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5 or 10 per cent. Sticking to the slogan it was fixed at 8.33 per cent or 1/12th of the annual wages. You may think I am quibbling with numbers. I am not. Once a slogan takes possession of your mind then 13 months' wage for 12 months' work cannot become 8 or 8.5 per cent. In those days before the Computers, increase in the tremendous amount of clerical work was required for calculating by hand the Bonus award calculation for every worker. Many unproductive( having no valueaddition) clerical jobs became necessary adding to the costs without any value-addition in production. Even when the slogans becomeoutdated they are not easy to get rid of. The Shastras have said Shabdo Nityah (Proant Art:). Belief in the verbatim obedience of the words of shastra is a great weapon. According to Arthur Koestler Man is the only animal which does not hesitate to kill another member of its own species for the sake of Word. He further said that neither poetry nor war is possible without Word. To give new meaning or fill word with the new meanings is the Indian tradition and it is nonviolent as well. Justice Meher Award specified in clear terms that Bonus is a Deferred wage. It is a wage payment which is deferred till the end of the year. It is not necessarily a part of Profit. Whether there is profit or loss to the business the Minimum bonus has to be paid by the employer. If it is a wage then why defer it? If work has to be performed on time why bonus should not be paid likewise? The renowned Industrialist Naval Tata 73