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या पानाचे मुद्रितशोधन झालेले नाही


same theory with their workers. They are Mukadams(cHIGH) in the true sense of the terms. Muka as it stands for kissing the boots of the boss but kicking the assistants or Dam for their juniors was their method of becoming Mukadam. This method of differentiation between categories of employees is commonplace in many companies. Managers want categorisation according to rank in canteens, in sitting places, lavatories, washrooms, and suchlike matters. They do not ask for good food for all, and clean conditions for all. They want their own special row or arrangement. This is a social reality in India and it has to be changed. This cross-breeding of the caste and class idea is a dangerous matter. This blending of bad things in the Western and Eastern ideas is very dangerous. This is an uphill task and therefore anyone working towards countering these tendencies attracts my attention and praise. Excel Industries Limited had their factory at Jogeshwari near my work place. Kantibhai Shroff was the Managing Director. He used to eat food with his workers. He would stand in the same queue with workers, collect his plate from the counter and after eating; put it on the counter of used plates himself. He used to move about in the factory in a half pant like other workers and was arranging for his Managers to sit in Airconditioned rooms. His table was located in a cowshed near the street under the shade of trees just thirty feet away from an unauthorised public urinal on the main road. His table was segregated by beautiful leafy trees and all the stink was camouflaged by his experiments with the trees in the compound. His table was a decent place for the visitors and completely stench-free. There was no pollution in the factory as it was announced to world by the shining young leaves of a pippal (ficus religiosa) tree. That small tree was telling volumes about the pollution-free atmosphere in his chemical factory. Kantibhai is a class by himself but I will avoid narrating his greatness since he is my Guru. Talking about his greatness is not permissible for a shishya ( Toy). Nevertheless his distinctness is remarkable. He is a great businessman who knows his onions and he is successful in profitability, but that is my indirect opinion. He has absorbed and implemented all the useful ideas that have come from abroad and simultaneously has remained a true Indian practitioner of management ideas. This much is universally accepted. The Canteen facility in the Ghaziabad factory of Unichem remained primitive. I could not make any changes there. I had made funds available for it since it was in my control, but the implementation was in the hands of local manager. Even today whether any quality canteen is available in that factory or not is not known to me. I consider it as my failure. or not is not today whethehe implemenid made fund 72