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Printing TIps:[संपादन]

To print selected Abhangs, first select the text to print and then

  • select File - Print (or Ctrl + P) and choose "Selection".

To print each "charan" on one line, follow these steps.

  1. Click on "edit" link of the page.
  2. Right click on Marathi text anywhere in the edit box and choose "select All".
  3. Right click again on the highlighted text and choose "Copy".
  4. Start word and paste it.
  5. You can select 2 columns on the format toolbar (or Format menu columns option) to display the text in newspaper style columns.

Note: Make sure that a unicode compatible font is installed. If the font is not installed, you can still copy paste the text on the webpage from IE. You however, can't copy paste the text from "Edit" text box.

Search Tip:[संपादन]

  1. If you are using firefox, select the word in the Gatha and right click.
  2. Choose "Search web for...".
  3. Firefox will open a new tab and display all the pages having the words you have selected.
  4. Results will be from all over the net and not only from wikibooks.
  5. If you want to restrict the search to wikibooks add the following criteria next to the search word site:http://mr.wikibooks.org
  6. If you are searching for a word that you can't find anywhere, you will have to type it in unicode. Visit the site .. http://saraswaticlasses.com/sites/translate.html
  7. Type tuka mhaNe patitapaavan and then click on Translate. The Unicode converted text can be copied and pasted into google search. It will search for the set of words "tuka mhaNe" and "patitapaavan" on the same line. If you search for patitpaavan site:mr.wikibooks.org then you are looking for the word anywhere in the Gatha (and other marathi wikibooks!).
  8. Once google has searched the pages that mentions the word, click on "cache" link (and not the actual page link) to automatically highlight the word.
  9. Google index only a few pages. If you want better search results use www.msn.com MSN has indexed all pages. All the tips mentioned above will work with msn site as well.