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या पानाचे मुद्रितशोधन झालेले आहे

Oliver smith (1727-1774) -
Anglo-Irish author
■ As writers become more numerous, it is natural for readers to become more indolent.

Woody Allen (b. 1935) -
American novelist
■ I took a course in speed reading, learning to read straight down the middle of the page and was able to read War and Peace in twenty miutes. It's about Russia.

Wentworth Dillom, Earl of Roscommon (C. 1633-1685)
Irish author -
■ Choose an author as you Choose a friend.

Emerson, Society and Solitude: Book -
■ The three practical rules, then, which I have to offer are
1. Never read any book that is not old.
2. Never read any but the famed books.
3. Never read any but what you like.

P. G. Hamerton, The intellectual Life -
■ The art of reading is to skip judiciously.

Charles Lamb, Last Essays of Era -
■ I love to lose myself in other man's minds. When I am not walking. I am reading; I Cannot sit and think Books.

Montaigue, Essays -
■ He that I am reading seems always to have the most force.

Thomas North, Diall of Princes (1557) -

■ For men that read much and work little are as bells, the which do sound to call others and they themselves never enter into a church.

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