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या पानाचे मुद्रितशोधन झालेले नाही


is more afraid of Su-rajya (सु-राज्य) than swa-rajya (स्व-राज्य) that we go away from self government to Good government and become easy going was not difficult to understand after reading De Bono. Why workers behave in a certain manner became clear. What I was considering logical and simple was not logical or simple from their context, although it was so logical in my context. By changing the framework you can get different answers, follows as a natural corollary. It took years for me to learn this. In labour-management relations these frames are very troublesome. Why do People Work? If your answer is: only for money, stability, and for bread, or in absence of alternatives, the answers appears logical and complete to us. Often we imagine our own answers as the answers and that is the beginning of complications. My experience is that it is not the workers but educated managers who believe in the division of society between 'haves' and 'have-nots' and more so with regard to class conflict. This feeling is stronger in the more educated managers who are actually highly paid workers. That is possibly why the Petroleum Company workers and Medical Representatives Association members and Airline pilots are infected by the idea of class conflict more than textile workers. For all these people this is a received wisdom. Insistence on different canteens, different wash rooms, are expressions of the caste feelings rather than class feeling as a social reality in India. That worker is a shudra, but he is similar and equal to me as a human being is a belief not established in the framework of educated elite. My seniors must follow theory Y and treat me on human side of management is clear but since I am a dwij ( PT)or twice-born and therefore entitled to that approach but I will not extend the same principle to my workers because they are shudras. I must have butter on my bread and I have seen such managers behaving in worst manner than the owners of the classical definition of Haves. They are not a natural growth in this land. This educated elite is an different imported plant. They have cleverly melded the ideas of caste to class and made them more impenetrable. This fusion of caste and class hierarchy has to be removed and we must put before them the true Vishnutva as distinct from the Boarbody in which they function today. The problem is that of changing these mental frames. We have to help individuals to transform themselves from the caterpillar state to Butterfly state. Without wasting time in deciding who are good and who are bad we have to build organisations from the existing people with their own frameworks and meld them into strong organisation. That is the need of the hour. This is project of 'man-making' as conceptualised by Vivekanand. Changing the minds of the people, beginning with oneself, is 76