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या पानाचे मुद्रितशोधन झालेले नाही


Samya postulated by him. Subsequent legal enactments by various State Governments in the form of Agriculture Land Ceiling Acts could not collect that much acreage through confiscation by way of law and after paying compensation. I started looking with this new Indian viewpoint from 1972 onwards. I realised that the blinkers were placed over my perception by foreign ideas as a hindrance. After that for 15 years I insisted on making two-party settlements in my company without recourse to Courts and created a string of settlements in two factories covering employee strength of 1500 people. I tested my ideas with practical applications. I kept contact with all workers from 1966 to 1993 every month with a Unichem Bulletin. I changed myself and brought about transformation in myself. Vinoba became easy to understand after reading De Bono. Adhyay 15 Why do workers resort to strike? Some day or other this problem comes to the lot of the Manager in an organisation or work place. The original problem that should come to our mind is to understand why people work. As long as hand, leg, back, or neck are working normally one does not have any feeling about their existence. Those limbs of the body continue to work or function as long as everything is in normal and fit condition within the body. One takes them for granted. If for a change there is a small thorn in the sole of the leg, and starts swelling then one immediately becomes aware of existence of leg and sole and all that. One starts thinking about the thorn in the leg as a very important problem in the world. One ceases to think about anything else. An apparently small thorn becomes the biggest problem in the world. No other thought comes to the mind, no other thing is felt by us. The strike by workers or their behaviour has the same impact. A small problem in small part of the work place becomes the focus of the nerves of the work place as a whole. There is a small story from Second World War. For a major offensive in the War the Defence Ministry was preparing a list of provisions necessary for the Operations. General Montgomery sent a list of provisions for this offensive to Winston Churchill as a Prime Minister. There was a mention of two dental chairs in the list. When Churchill saw this he was angry. He called General Montgomery to meet him. He asked him are you going to fight war or some holiday. We are sending our troops to fight and not to camp. Montgomery was a Soldiers' General. He was living with them, moving amongst them communicating with them. He immediately replied that; Sir, our soldiers are going to war theatre. All provisions are required for the campaign. But my experience of so many years in army tells me that no soldier can aim his rifle or fire 63